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Sunday 15 December 2019
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Recent Tuscany floods seem to boost interest for ELEONES olive oil

The recent floods in the Italian province of Tuscany seem to worry buyers from various countries that used to work with Tuscanian olive oil brands.

In the past few days the ELEONES exports team is receiving increased inquiries from importers around the world. The reason for that, according to ELEONES personnel responsible for new customer inquiries, is the fears from buyers that the recent floods in Tuscany will affect the Tuscanian new harvest olive oil quality as several mills and storage facilities seem to have been flooded by recent storms.

This very unfortunate event for our Italian neighbors seems to favour ELEONES as it is the only Greek olive oil that resembles the organoleptic and chemical attributes of Tuscanian olive oil, due to the sole use of the Hondroelia olive variety in the production of all ELEONES products. The Hondroelia  olive variety is grown only in Halkidiki in the region of Central Macedonia in Northern Greece.