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Thursday 12 December 2019
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Weather causes concerns for Halkidiki olive harvest

The wet weather in conjunction with the lower than normal temperatures of the last three weeks in Halkidiki, cause serious concerns about this year’s harvest.

The olive trees have just formed their “baby” olives. The baby olives are very sensitive (as all babies are) to temperature fluctuations and prefer a stable level of humidity.

If those variables are not stable then we enter uncharted territory. This means that depending on the “out of normal”  values and their duration, we could end up either having an exceptional harvest in terms of the quality of the end product which is the olive and the olive oil or the complete opposite!

Last year with the freezing weather of March 2011 the harvest of Halkidiki was severely damaged and the result was a harvest that was about 40-45% of that of the previous year.

However the olive oil we produced from the 2011/12 showed exceptional endurance in its taste and aroma because the olives that survived the freeze developed stronger defenses (as there were less of them left on each tree) which in their turn passed those qualities to the olive oil.

The weather forecast issued a warning for increased chances of hail over the course of the next week.

Fingers crossed and everything will be okay!