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Sunday 15 December 2019
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Greek olive oil production statistics

According to the National Bank of Greece’s (NBG) sectoral report for Olive Oil issued recently, Greece produced 370.000tons of olive oil in 2009 worth a total of 800million Euros.

The olive oil sector according to NBG, represented approximately 0,3% of Greek GDP in 2009. At the same year the Spanish sector represented approximately 0,2% of the Spanish GDP and the Italian olive oil sector 0,1%.

In Greece 15% of the total cultivated land area is covered by olive trees when in Spain and Italy the same figure is <10%.

About 1/3 of olive production in Greece and Italy comes from small olive groves of <5Ha (hectares). Spain produces only 6% of its total production from small olive groves, when about ½ of its production comes from large olive groves >50Ha. Italy produces about 16% of its olive production from large olive groves and Greece only 6%.

The per capita consumption of olive oil in different countries according to the NBG report for 2007 are presented in the following graph:










Finally an interesting graph, showing the average value of olive oil compared with the total agricutlural production value of the three major olive oil producing countries over the first decade of 2000.