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Thursday 12 December 2019
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Smaller harvest anticipated in Halkidiki for 2011/2012

Following the record harvest in 2010/2011 it seems that the new 2011/2012 olive harvest in Halkidiki will be dramatically smaller.

After the completion on Friday 8th of July of an extensive tour of the olive groves in Halkidiki and a series of meetings with organic olive growers, it seems that the freezing March 2010 days, took toll among the olive trees of Halkidiki. Possibly other regions of mainland Greece are affected too as similar conditions occurred at the same period.

The cold weather had as a result to freeze burn developing baby olives. As olives grow it is now clear that only part of the initial fruits develop on each branch and this is how the estimation on the harvest size is made.  The “hondroelia” variety of Halkidiki is the most cold tolerant variety of the Greek varieties.

The Olive growers speak for a decrease in the size of the 2011/2012 harvest that can reach 50% compared with that of 2010/2012.

Source: ELEONES Procurement Department