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Thursday 12 December 2019
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International Olive Council predicts 2010/11 as record season for olive oil production

According to International Olive Council (IOC) forecasts, the 2010/11 season will be the second best season ever for the global production of olive oil. The estimated size of global production will reach 3.080.500 tons. The best season ever on record was 2003/04 with a total global production of 3.174.000 tons.

The EU/27 countries account for 73% of this tonnage. The three largest producers of olive oil in the world remain Spain with 1.375.000 tons, Italy with 480.000 tons and Greece with 300.000 tons.

Over the last 20 years world production of olive oil climbed from 1.453.000 tons in 1990/91 to 3.080.500 tons in 2010/11 an increase of 1.627.500 tons or 112%.

Source: International Olive Council