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Monday 14 October 2019
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ELEONES Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)



The ELEONES Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) of Halkidiki is a unique product in the international market.

Olive variety: Produced exclusively from the Hondroelia olive variety of Halkidiki   found only in Northern Greece. The most large-fruited variety of the Greek olive varieties. It has a ratio of flesh to core of 7-10:1 and sizes range from 90 to 140 olives per kilo.


Harvesting and pressing method: The olives used for the ELEONES EVOO are handpicked one by one only from


carefully selected olive groves of Halkidiki. The harvest period lasts from mid November till late January depending on the climatic conditions each year. The olives are taken to the mill for pressing on the day of harvest in accordance with the ELEONES quality standards.

Quality assurance: The bottling process of ELEONES EVOO is completed under very stringent quality control at all stages of the process, according to international standards. The pressing and bottling facilities are HACCP certified.

All ELEONES products are tested by an International Olive Council certified laboratory.

The basic chemical attributes for the ELEONES EVOO at the time of pressing are:


ELEONES Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2016/17

Acidity: 0,33 %

K268: 0,073

K232:  1,429

DK: -0,001

Peroxide Value: 7,4 (meqO2/kg)


Organoleptic assesment:

Defects: 0,0

Fruity: 3.8

Bitter: 2.1

Pungent: 3.6

How to consume: With its strong and enduring aroma the ELEONES Extra Virgin Olive  Oil is ideal for drizzling over meat, fish or vegetables. We certainly use it for dipping warm bread as well.