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Sunday 15 December 2019
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Our recipes

The recipes presented in this section of our web site are not prepared by any professional chef. Usually people meet the “Greek cuisine” through Greek restaurants they find in their respective countries or when they visit Greece.

However, the real “Greek cuisine” is in everyday people’s kitchens. This is why I decided not to hire any chef to do the job. Instead I asked politely my mother- who cooks almost daily Greek food for half a century and is a tough nut to crack- to share some of her recipes that have made all these years our family and friends really happy.

The recipes presented below are loved within Greek families, but if you are not used to the true taste of Greek food, then some of them might seem really strong to you as far as flavor is concerned and especially the taste of olive oil which we really love. After all the per capita consumption of Olive oil in Greece is about 20kgs per annum the largest in the world.

So maybe it is a good idea, after you tried some of the recipes below, to make alterations in order to enjoy your creations and bring them closer to your personal taste.

 I will be more than happy to answer any of your questions concerning the recipes presented below, in case there are points that I did not explain clearly.

Once again, thank you mother for the recipes!