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Thursday 12 December 2019
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Greek food and Tourism

The Greek minister of Tourism Mr. Panos Geroulanos“Highlight the uniqueness of the Greek gastronomy” stressed the Minister of Culture and Tourism, Mr. P. Geroulanos in his speech at the international conference IMIC 2011 (International Meetings & Incentives Conference), which this year was themed "Giving value to the experience of eating, emphasizing the title intangible world heritage recognized by UNESCO for the Mediterranean diet.”

"Cease to think of promoting the country at the sights and adopt our strategy at the level of integrated experience," noted the minister, adding that "if ever tourism aimed to relax or have certain visits, now a destination must be the thrill the mind, the heart and the stomach. The good thing is that Greece can do all three.”

"Tourism can provide an effective way available to agricultural production and exploitation of agricultural production can contribute as a catalyst in creating a diversified, quality, modern (but with time value) tourism product," noted Ms. Maya Tsokli, MP head of the Parliamentary Labour Division Tourism Brand Ambassador of Greece.”


Source: TO VIMA newspaper