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Sunday 15 December 2019
(GMT +2:00)

Differences between Early Harvest EVOO and Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Consumers are puzzled when they see the two different Extra Virgin Olive Oils (ELEONES Early Harvest and ELEONES EVOO) on the self of their food store.

In the following table we tried to summarize for you the differences between the two:


Eleones Organic Early Harvest EVOO

Eleones Organic EVOO

Only unripe green olives used containing less oil per kilo of olives

Black olives used containing considerably more oil per kilo of olives.

Olives are picked by hand one by one. Time consuming.

Olives are picked by beating the tree with poles. Faster procedure increased efficiency.

Harvesting period approximately 1 month. Limited quantity available.

Harvesting period X2 or X3 compared with Early Harvest. Large quantity available.

Very rich in antioxidants like chlorophyll. Characteristics shout youth.

Rich in antioxidants.

Very strong fruity taste with mildly bitter aftertaste.

Strong taste with sweeter after taste.

Bright green colour

Yellowshish to green colour.

Very low acidity < 0.2

Low acidity < 0.8