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Thursday 12 December 2019
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Who we are

Centuries long traditionThe ELEONES product range was created by Argyris Bouras who wanted to introduce the world to the “hidden treasures” of the Greek olive groves.

ELEONES is a small family business working with small quality farmers that until the cooperation with Argyris they were in a disadvantageous position as they were founding it very difficult to sell their produce.

The ELEONES products are unique and are presented for the first time in the international market.

Argyris values quality and consistency in everything he does and he is constantly looking for ways to improve the ELEONES products. His experience in the food sector is extensive and combines many different skills.

Why only Greek olives for ELEONES products?

We Greeks have been associated with olives and olive oil for centuries. Some argue that the wild olive tree appeared for the first time in Greece in approximately 12000 BC. Based on historical evidence, olive cultivation started, probably by the Minoans or Assyrians, between 3500 and 2500 BC.

The ancient Greeks knew well the value of the olive. Their respect was so great for this fruit and its beneficial properties, that the only prize the winners of the Olympic games took, was the "Kotinos" a wreath of olive leaves. The "Kotinos" was chosen as the logo of the ATHENS 2004 Olympic Games, demonstrating in this way the historical link between Greeks and the Olive Tree.

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, states in his “code” that olive oil is beneficial in more than 60 therapeutic treatments. In modern times, the health benefits of the traditional Mediterranean diet, with olive oil and olives at its heart, have been proven by many studies that are now accepted by nutritionists all over the world.

In modern Greece there are 160 million olive trees producing around 350,000 tons of oil per year. This makes Greece the third largest producer of olive oil in the world after Spain and Italy. However, as 80-85% of Greek olive oil is rated as Extra Virgin, Greece is clearly at the top with regards to quality. This is why the bulk of Greek olive oil exports (approximately 90% of the exported 100,000 tons per year) currently goes to Italian companies.

These companies use it to enhance the different types of olive oil they produce and then, in most cases, put it on the market as their own product. The result is that consumers cannot find a wide variety of Greek olive oil on the shelves of their food stores.

These are just some of the reasons why Argyris decided that the ELEONES product range is made exclusively from unique Greek olive varieties.