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Sunday 15 December 2019
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ELEONES Early Harvest now a fulfilled by Amazon product

We are proud to announce that ELEONES is from now on a product fulfilled by Amazon.

It might have taken us more than a year of negotiations but at last half way through the year ELEONES Early Harvest is the first High Phenolic Greek Olive that is available as a fulfilled by Amazon product (FBA).

As a FBA product, ELEONES is available with free shipment to Amazon prime customers and Amazon is responsible for customer service/support, sales and shipment throughout the US territories.

ELEONES Early Harvest has been available through retailers at Amazon for some years now but it is the first time that it is handled solely by Amazon. We remind our friends that after the acquisition of Whole Foods (where ELEONES is being sold since 2013) by Amazon, the Amazon team reached out to ELEONES for a cooperation of a scale we never thought it existed.

After a year of negotiating and discussing with various departments of Amazon as it is a David-Goliath comparison between the two organizations, we finally made it and since the 5th of June ELEONES is available through the New Jersey.

We at ELEONES consider this to be another milestone in the wonderful journey we started eight years ago.