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Sunday 15 December 2019
(GMT +2:00)
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ELEONES olive oil will soon be available for our customers

At ELEONES we do things the natural way and it is something we’re proud of.  Sometimes, like this year, our principles are put to the test. The prolonged winter of this year in Halkidiki with approximately 40 days that the temperature fell below zero in the centigrade scale, had as a result for the ELEONES olive oil to freeze in the stainless steel tanks where it was “resting”.

At ELEONES we do not use electrical resistances or heaters to defreeze our olive oil. Instead we wait for nature to do its’ job as we believe this is the only way for a high quality product like ELEONES olive oil. We do the same with the fresh olive oil when other brands “rush” and filter their olive oil straight after milling when at ELEONES we have the approximately eight week “resting period”. This is the time that takes for the ELEONES olive oil to naturally settle using nothing more than gravity and thus retaining all its’ beneficial qualities. This is the reason why ELEONES is not the first brand on the shelves each year, although we are the first to mill.

For the last week the temperature in Halkidiki has risen and even at night it remains in double figures above zero. The sunshine during the day also helps, so slowly the ELEONES olive oil liquefies. We believe that in the next 10 days, if this weather holds, we will be in a position to filter and bottle.