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Thursday 12 December 2019
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ELEONES’ friend publishes a must-read book

One of ELEONES’ friends recently published her new book titled “The Olive Oil Diet: Nutritional secrets of the original superfood”.

It was written by the good  friend of ELEONES Judy Ridgway, an acclaimed food writer and international olive oil expert together with Dr. Simon Poole, an acknowledged expert on olive oil nutrition and the Mediterranean Diet.

Many everyday nutrition related questions are answered in this book.

Is it true that two tablespoons of olive oil can halve your risk of heart disease and help sustained weight loss?

Can olive oil kill cancer cells, fight the toxins of Alzheimer's Disease, revive a failing heart and even turn off bad genes?

Is olive oil the key to Mediterranean Diet Success?

The first section of the book makes sense of the emerging science behind these headlines and explains why olive oil is a fat that is good for you.  It describes, in simple everyday language, the beneficial properties of monounsaturated oleic acid and looks at the part played by the non -fatty acid components in olive oil, such as phenols, and their powerful protective effects in our bodies.    

However, not all olive oils are the same.  In the second part of the book we outline the effects that factors, such as the grade of oil, the olive variety, cultivation techniques and processing methods have on the both the taste and the health characteristics of different oils and go on to show how these factors can point to the extra virgin olive oils which are likely to be the most  healthy.  

The third section of the book explains the Seven Pillars of the Olive Oil Diet, seven groups of ingredients with a base of olive oil and contains a practical guide to producing great food. The olive oil diet is a diet for life; it is the only diet you will ever need. It is not a single uniform pattern of eating to take up when you are trying to lose weight or are feeling unwell and leave when you are feeling better.

The final section of the book includes over a hundred suggestions and recipes which start with olive oil and build up with a wide range of other healthy ingredients.   These recipes are arranged around the modern lifestyle with plenty of ideas for fast food at home, healthy snacks and packed lunches.   There are also recipes to make when more time is available including baked foods and desserts.  Any concern about finding ways to include two or even three tablespoons of olive oil in the daily diet should be soon dispelled!

The ELEONES team wishes Judy all the best with her new book which can be bought online here.