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Friday 6 December 2019
(GMT +2:00)
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Greek olive oil production expected to fall, ELEONES quantities secured

It’s been a difficult year for Greek olive oil farmers. On one hand the capital controls and the shrinking domestic olive oil consumption and on the other hand the weather, have made life more difficult for the average olive farmer.

The olive oil production of Greece for the 2016/17 season is predicted to be lower. ELEONES team sees a total drop of around 10-12% for the new harvest. Some areas of Greece like Crete for example who was hit by successive heat waves will experience sharper decrease in production estimated at 20%.

As the economic crisis in Greece still holds, the average farmer finds it increasingly difficult to maintain the olive fly control program. This is predicted to have an effect on the quality and the quantity of the olive oil produced.

ELEONES was quick to react and offered its’ affiliated olive farmers multilevel support in order to complete their olive fly control programs and secure the desired olive oil quantities necessary to support the expansion of ELEONES to new markets.

Harvesting for the ELEONES Early Harvest, is expected to start around mid-September, weather permitting.