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Friday 6 December 2019
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ELEONES welcomes US House of Representatives' directive for olive oil tests

After Interpol announced their largest ever seizures of fake food, the US government is looking for ways to stifle counterfeit olive oil.

The US House of Representatives in a paper published recently “directs the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to take a  sampling  of  imported  olive  oil  to  determine  if  it  is  adulterated  or  misbranded…. and report to Congress within 270 days on its findings and  what  actions  the  FDA  will  take  to  ensure  consumer  safety  and  proper labeling of imported olive oil. “

The above actions come as “The  Committee  is  concerned  with  reports  that  consistently  describe  the  prevalence  of  adulterated  and  fraudulently labeled  olive  oil  imported  into  the  United  States  and  sold  to  American consumers. In addition, some products labeled as olive oil may contain  seed  oil,  which  poses  a  serious  health  risk  to  consumers who are allergic to seed oil.”

ELEONES welcomes the above directive as inferior quality olive oils are sold as extra virgin in the US and other major markets as resent studies have shown. The result is for consumers to be tricked and for companies like ELEONES to try to compete on price with products that belong to lower quality categories.  

The above adulteration issue brings to light another issue that concerns the ELEONES team for some time. This is the so called “world” or “international” olive oil competitions. There are many in the world and even in Greece. However with the exception of perhaps one, none of these competitions manages to check before it announces “the winners” if the products actually sold in the market under the same brand, are the same products that took part in the competition!

This is the reason why the ELEONES team is very skeptical about all these competitions.

The US House of Representatives paper can be found here.