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Monday 14 October 2019
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Why ELEONES EVOO is preferred by more and more restaurants

At ELEONES lately we experience a sharp increase of demand from restaurants in the countries where our products are being sold.

We wanted to investigate the reasons that make those restaurants prefer ELEONES EVOO from Italian or other Greek olive oil brands. So we used old-school techniques and we…called our restaurant customers around the world to talk to them.

What we have found out is that in general restaurants are from one hand pressed for results and on the other quality, as competition amongst them is fierce. ELEONES seems to satisfy both needs.

The main reason is its competitive price in relation to its quality. As one of the interviewed buyers put it: “ELEONES ranks No1 in quality/price ratio”. That’s something we at ELEONES team would never have thought of!

But as good old marketers we wanted to know more about how restaurants use ELEONES EVOO. So it seems that restaurants love ELEONES EVOO because of its strong aroma and full bodied taste. They use a lot less olive oil, thus reducing the food cost of their dishes (achieving better results) when at the same time their customer can feel the real taste of fresh olive oil.

So as the ELEONES team is constantly anxious about prices, it seems that the free market and the experience of world class professionals around the world, have found a different way of evaluating ELEONES’ EVOO price.

They wouldn’t be world class otherwise. Would they?