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Thursday 12 December 2019
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More Greek and Spanish olive oil labeled as Italian

According to an article published at Olive Oil Times, the Italian authorities came across another case of fraud from Italian olive oil companies.

They discovered and blocked the sale of more than 2.000tons of olive oil that was falsely labeled as Italian. The estimated turnover of this “business” would be 13 million Euros according to the article. The authorities found out that the olive oil seized was in fact Spanish and Greek.

One of the missions of ELEONES as it is mentioned in the “who we are” section of our website, was exactly to prevent Greek premium quality olive oil to be shipped in bulk to Italy and then sold as Italian.

For years now ELEONES is trying to fight this unfair war for the benefit of disadvantageous Greek farmers that up until ELEONES came around had no option but to sell in bulk their harvest to foreign traders with results like the one on the Olive Oil Times article.  

ELEONES welcomes the efforts of the Italian authorities and will continue its persistent efforts to offer to olive oil enthusiasts around the world authentic and  honest premium quality Greek olive oil.

The full OOT article can be found here.