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Sunday 15 December 2019
(GMT +2:00)
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Milling of ELEONES Early Harvest 2015/16 completed

We are in the pleasant position to announce that we have completed the milling of ELEONES Early Harvest 2015/16. The harvesting/milling took place from the 21st of September with some breaks due to heavy rains we had in Halkidiki till the 3rd of October.

The ELEONES Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil is now “resting” in the stainless steel tanks where it will remain for approximately 8 to 10 weeks. The ELEONES Early Harvest is left to settle down (that’s why we call it “resting”) naturally using only the earth’s gravity before it is ready to be filtered, bottled and shipped to olive oil enthusiasts around the world.  

Next month ELEONES’ team will be occupied with the milling of ELEONES Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2015/16.

(Picture to the right: a member of the harvesting crue hand-picks ELEONES olives)