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Friday 6 December 2019
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Olive Oil Times hosts again ELEONES’ comments

A new article published on Friday at Olive Oil Times titled “Greek Producers Weigh Prospects After Tsipras Win” hosts yet again ELEONES’ comments.
The article examines the impact of the win of SYRIZA party of Greece on the olive oil industry.

The parts of the article that refer to ELEONES’ comments are: “… Argyris Bouras of ELEONES Hellenic Olive Products reported that he had stocked up on olive oil rather than leaving money in the bank before capital controls, enabling a new expansion of his exports to Germany, an overall increase in sales, and stable prices for ELEONES olive oil all year.”

“Argyris Bouras agreed that things won’t be easy given the tax increase on farmers. But he hopes for “political stability for a couple of years that will help the olive oil industry and Greek companies in general make realistic medium-term plans,” which they have not been able to do recently.”

The full article can be found here.