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Sunday 15 December 2019
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Olive Oil Times hosts ELEONES’ comments about the newly approved package for Greece

In an article published yesterday by the Olive Oil Times, the most read web resource in the world for the olive oil industry, the author Lisa Radinovski included some comments made by ELEONES.

The ELEONES comments included in article were:

“Argyris Bouras, an exporter and owner of ELEONES Hellenic Olive Products, told Olive Oil Times he is “optimistic that in the long run the current developments will help the olive oil industry” since he thinks many unemployed Greeks will consider olive oil an obvious way to turn, “because everybody in this country knows someone or has a relative that produces olives or olive oil.” He expects some of those people to bring “substantial experience in marketing or other trades” to the business, as well as a willingness to take risks, so that those who succeed could bring something new to the Greek olive oil world. In addition, Bouras believes that the new taxes on farmers will reduce fraudulent claims of eligibility for farmers’ benefits, fraudulent use of diesel fuel intended for rural use, and under-the-table tax-evading transactions, leaving a fairer playing field for those who play by the book and pay all their taxes. He believes that with wise decisions and good management, farmers will be able to survive.

Bouras reminds foreigners that “Greece is a paradise for high quality unique products,” including some hidden treasures that require discovery. “

The full article can be found here