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Thursday 12 December 2019
(GMT +2:00)
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ELEONES announces stable prices while international olive oil prices soar

In the last few weeks international olive oil prices soar due to the droughts in Andalucía and the “state of calamity” that was declared by the Italian government for some of its’ olive producing provinces due to the attack of the “olive ebola”.

ELEONES on the other hand, having gone through the three week bank holiday that was imposed in Greece without being affected. Managing at the same time to maintain planned quantities of ELEONES Early Harvest and extra virgin olive oil in step with its’ customers’ seasonal demand, now takes it one step further.

ELEONES announced on Monday 27th of July that it will not raise prices for its’ existing international customers for all orders of the ELEONES 2014/15 harvest products placed by the end of September 2015.  As Mr Argyris Bouras, founder of ELEONES, put it “we are in the business of offering an excellent genuine Greek product at fair prices to our customers, while paying fair prices to olive growers. We are not profit hungry players in some kind of stock market. That’s not ELEONES  style.”

In addition, in order to satisfy transfer demand for premium quality olive oil from usual suppliers with low stocks to the Greek market, ELEONES would invite potential buyers to discuss their needs directly.