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Thursday 12 December 2019
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Greeks continue to lead world olive oil consumption

According to data released by the International Olive Council, Greece leads the annual per capita consumption of olive oil in the world.

Although in recent years the economic crisis led consumption to substantially lower levels than before (estimations suggest a drop of 22%, the ELEONES team thinks the downtrend will continue as IOC figures refer to 2013), Greeks consume on average 16,3Kg of olive oil each year.

This means that the average Greek consumes every month as much olive oil as the average Irish or Belgian in a year! For countries like Germany or Finland the figure is almost double the yearly consumption, in just a month.

According to the IOC figures shown in the tables borrowed from the IOC, Spaniards are runners up with a per capital annual consumption of 10,4Kg per year followed by Italians with 9,2Kg.

An interesting figure in the table above is the consumption in Luxembourg but as the IOC explains, residents of neighboring countries visit Luxembourg in order to shop at supermarkets there.