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Thursday 12 December 2019
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ELEONES 2014/15 harvest olive oil lab results published

ELEONES is in the pleasant position to announce this year’s lab results for the ELEONES products. The tests were conducted at an International Olive Council (IOC) certified lab.

It seems that for another year ELEONES customers will enjoy premium quality olive oil.

For all those of you who know about olive oil, the figures below will mean a lot.

ELEONES Early Harvest  2014/15:

Acidity:                         0,17%                 (limit: ≤0,80)

K268:                           0,087                  (limit: ≤0,22)

K232:                           1,506                  (limit: ≤2,50)

DK:                              -0,002                 (limit: ≤0,01)

Peroxide Value:          4,7 meqO2/kg  (limit: ≤20,00)



Acidity:                         0,31%               (limit: ≤0,80)

K268:                           0,089                (limit: ≤0,22)

K232:                           1,496                (limit: ≤2,50)

DK:                              -0,002                (limit: ≤0,01)

Peroxide Value:          5,0 meqO2/kg (limit: ≤20,00)


According the above figures it is accurate to say that even the ELEONES EVOO this year is of “Early Harvest grade”!

Once again the ELEONES team feels pleased to be in a position to offer its customers a truly premium quality Greek product.

The ELEONES team would like to thank all its cooperators from the farmers, to the technical staff at the milling facility for their honest and persistent effort to produce one of the best olive oil in the world.

Lucky those who will have the opportunity to enjoy it!