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Thursday 12 December 2019
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Extra Virgin Olive Oil protects your DNA from damage caused by GM foods, new study suggest

There is a lot of discussion about the damage consumption of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) can cause to humans.

A team of researchers from the UK, Saudi Arabia and Egypt published recently a study after experiments they conducted with albino rats where they fed them with Soybeans and Soy products that were genetically modified.

The vast majority of soy products consumed in the US come from GM soybeans.

The researchers found that after only 65 days the group of rodents that was fed the GM products, showed damages in their DNA.  

On the other hand the group that was fed a mixture of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and GM soybeans showed a decreased amount of damage in their DNA with the relevant parameters appearing to fall into the normal ranges.

The researchers claim that the results are in agreement with other relevant studies “who reported that a diet enriched with olive oil phenolic compound has a protective effect against DNA damage. This is in line with Fabiani et al. who stated that olive phenolic compounds showed DNA oxidative preventive activity.”

The study concludes:” … adding EV olive oil to the diet of rats appears effective in inhibiting oxidative damage and may act as a protective agent against chronic diseases such as liver fibrosis, hyperlipidemia and diabetes. In addition, EV olive oil may also have a protective function against carcinogenic processes.”

The full study can be found at the US National Center of Biotechnology Information.