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Sunday 15 December 2019
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Halkidiki olives and olive oil: promising first indications for 2014/15 harvest

Easter time is normally the time when the first indications for the coming Halkidiki olive harvest start to be noticeable.

The ELEONES team just completed the first inspection tour at the olive groves of Halkidiki for 2014. It seems that if no unpleasant weather or other surprises take place in the next few months the harvest is going to be a normal one and perhaps a good one.

The olive trees have turned their numerous little “eyes” as they are called by olive growers, to little flowers due to the favourable weather conditions. These flowers in the next few months will develop to olives.

After a very difficult year, the 2014/15 harvest seems to be developing nicely so far.

ELEONES will keep all the olive enthusiasts up to date as to how the harvest is developing in the next few months.