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Sunday 15 December 2019
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Greece’s olive oil production substantially lower in 2013/14

According to the latest data released by the International Olive Council (IOC) the global olive oil production for the 2013/14 season will reach 3.200.000 tons.

This is slightly higher than last year, while global consumption is predicted to reach 3.000.000 tons. According to the IOC, Spain is likely to produce this year approximately 1.500.000 tons, Italy 500.000 tons and Greece 230.000 tons of olive oil.

However the ELEONES team, as many Greek olive oil associations, believe that the figure for Greek olive oil will be substantially lower. The ELEONES team predicts that the Greek olive oil production will be more closely to 150.000 tons.

According to production data gathered from different olive oil producing areas of Greece the olive oil production will be approximately 65% less in Crete, 35% in Laconia and approximately 50% less for the island of Lesvos. As for Halkidiki the drop in production volume has reached 70% and in some cases 80%.

Sources: IOC, Assoc. of Cretan Olive Municipalities, ELEONES market information